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Visual Data Mining Environment
Based on the employment of advanced 3D visualization
VisualMine delivers unprecedented visual analysis
capabilities to the analyst and decision maker desktop

With VisualMine you can build visual representations in a few minutes: load your data from a file or directly from your RDBMS, then start the Mapping Window, where you can choose one of the available viewers and map your data on the graphically representable entities, such as axes, colour or geographic areas.

Through advanced 3D representations clusters, anomalies and variable relationships are emphasized. Information on each data item can be picked up with a mouse click.

Geographically distributed data can be represented on 3D maps. Aggregations and drill down are automatically performed on the basis of the required level of detail

To know more:

Technical Features
  • Business Charts 
  • Advanced 3D Graphs 
  • Geographic Visualizations 
File Data Formats 
  • Delimited Files 
  • Fixed Length Files 
Statistical processing 
  • Estimators: means, median, variance, kurtosis 
  • Smoothers and Random number generators 
  • Segmentation 
RDBMS access 
  • ODBC 
  • Oracle 
  • Sybase 
  • Informix 
Unix Workstations 
  • Sun Solaris 
  • SGI 
  • HP 9000/7xx 
  • IBM RISC System/6000 
  • DEC Ultrix 
Personal Computers 
  • Windows NT 
  • Windows 95 

VisualMine has been partially developed in the DBInspector

Esprit Project, with the support of the European Commission


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